KS 12-04

AsideFor this 4th twelver Keystone comes back to instrumental. A side features Ina Higher Region, an uptempo riddim with uplifting melodica vibes; and B side features Zion High, with meditative saxophone and binghi drums… both coming with dubwise cut… check it !!

Records are still available from us and hopefully from your usual record store.

“Ina Higher Region” as played by
King Shiloh @ Paris Dub Station #30

KS 12-03

AsideKeystone 3rd release on the Brimstone & Fire riddim… This 12″ features Daba Makourejah on vocals alongside Keystone Players and full horns section !! One vocal cut, one melodica cut, a powerful horndaba2 cut and last a raw dub mix !!

Daba Makourejah


KS 12-01/02

break downThese two 12″ are the first records ever released on the label, back in 2010. Few copies still available from the shop.